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Walt Disney Aladdin

Walt Disney produced many animated series and movies; Aladdin is one of its biggest successes. The original story is coming since many centuries about Aladdin. Which is now converted into different forms like; Aladdin games, Aladdin cartoons, Aladdin movies, Aladdin comics etc. The basic tale or the original story is based on a boy citizen of Baghdad, these days capital of the Republic of Iraq (Middle East). The boy certainly a thief and he was very famous in his era at all over the world. But in Disney Aladdin Series they showed that he is a boy lived in the civilized city of Middle East. His profession is also a thief but there are many other magical, animal and human characters are involved in Aladdin cartoons. We will discuss about these characters later in our articles. There are many Aladdin encyclopedias available in the world.

Princess Jasmine

First of all we would like to discuss about the character known as Princess Jasmine. She is daughter of the Sultan and Princess of Agrabah (well cultured city). This is imaginary feminine personality which appeared in many Walt Disney movies and cartoon series. She is very good looking, smart, intelligent, pretty and friendly sort of girl. Jasmine has her own pet tiger at his castle. She born in the castle and lived in those walls since her childhood. Now; when she came in the age of adult, she distressed by her boring life like a prisoner. Jasmine has everything except freedom, so need to feel the taste of freedom like ordinary people. Her father ordered her to marry with the prince of somewhere. That is why one night she left her castle and went on the streets wearing some old kind of cloths because no one can realize that she is Princess and then she met with her dream boy the one and only Mr. Aladdin. He rescues her from the soldiers of Agrabah who were trying to bring her back towards the castle.

Walt Disney Jasmine
Walt Disney Jasmine


Walt Disney Aladdin
Walt Disney Aladdin

Aladdin belongs to very poor family of Agrabah. The father’s name is Cassim who left his mom when Aladdin newborn to find enhanced life as every father thinks about his family. His mom was killed by the bandits, at then Aladdin just only of two years. Now he has nothing to eat and due to his poorness he becomes a thief to fulfill his hungriness. He first faced the security guard of Sultan at the age of seven when he stole an apple through the fruit stall. He is quiet talented, active, brave, dashing and intelligent boy so he rescued himself from security guards many times. Exact in the age of twelve he needs cloths to wear than he stole clothes for him. But when he reached in the age of sixteen he accidentally joined team of circus where he met his animal monkey called Abu. Aladdin and Abu becomes friend and Abu helped him in many critical situations. Alladin usually appeared in Disney Cartoons by wearing a purple vest coat, while pajama, purple tiny cap, pair of shoes and finally a piece of cloth tight around his vest like. He got soon the lamp of Genie, who will become his friend as Abu due to his nice attitude.


Now its turn for the Sultan, he is father of Princess Jasmine and very nice owner of Agrabah. Body structure wise he is fat and small person. He has everything in his life due to which he has royal life. He is worried about her daughter to find perfect sincere male match for her life’s partner. As she is the only child of Sultan; that is why he is very tensed about her wedding. But when she left her residence Sultan was very sad about his decision to marry Jasmine with princes. He prays to God that if his daughter will come back again he will never ever force her to marry. Fortunately! Later she will back after sometimes perfectly with his dream boy Aladdin.


Walt Disney Genie
Walt Disney Genie

Genie is in positive role who is friend of Aladdin and he has supernatural character of jinn living in the lamp. He came out when someone rub the lamp with his/her hands and asked them that “what is your command My Master?” The same words he asked to Aladdin at its first appearing but Aladdin is nice person so he decided to make him a friend instead off slave, who also provide him freedom due to which Genie becomes his fan and decided to live with him forever. He has strong huge figure with blue color, strange tale typed hairs on his head, amazing mustache on his face, big golden ear rings, bangle typed something on his hands and finally pair of shoes which has long curved edges. He is innocent type of characters but angry to his enemies. Throughout the series he helped Aladdin and his fellows in very serious circumstances with his magical potential. Genie loved Aladdin due to his kindness.

Magic Carpet

Walt Disney Carpet
Walt Disney Carpet

Magic Carpet or Flying Carpet is one of the most important characters in Aladdin full episodes. With its help Aladdin and his fellows can fly on air, it has ability to cover long distance in few minutes (which is almost impossible in their era). Aladdin found this Magic Carpet into a cave but this carpet is mute as it is non living thing. This piece of mat has feelings which it describes when it uses its trimmings as human arms and feet. It is very clever character because it usually beats Genie type of supernatural power in chess and has romantic feelings as it will support Aladdin for Jasmine to come closer.

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